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Safale US-05 Ale Yeast SKU: Y-SA-US05 Price: $3.59 Safale US-05 Ale Yeast
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The most famous ale yeast strain found across America, now available as a convenient and economical ready-to-pitch dry yeast. Produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate.

Brewers across America have been trying this new dried form of the 1056 strain, with great results.

Sedimentation: low to medium
Final gravity: medium
Alcohol Tolerance: 12%
Recommended Fermentation temperature: 15C 24C.
Store in cool (< 10C), dry conditions.
Safale US-05 Ale Yeast
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Safale US-05 Ale Yeast
Best Ale Yeast11/14/2014
By ncbluedot
This is my favorite dry yeast of all time. I'm mostly brew ales and I come back to this yeast over and over again. I've never been stuck and consistently get clean flavor.